Security Lock

This function locks the control panel to avoid changing accidentally the program selected, providing more security to you and yours.

Delay Start

The starting time can be selected up to 24 hours before.


Once the cycle finishes, the washer stops the drum with the door up to avoid turning it manually to remove clothes.

Hand Wash

This function simulates the advantages of hand wash as regards a gentle and careful treatment of clothes.

Fast Wash

Washing time in Cotton and Synthetic programs can be reduced. Ideal for lightly soiled clothes.

A++ Class

A in Energy Efficiency, A in Washing Performance

Easy Ironing

If you will delay to take out the clothes from the drum, you can select this option that keeps clothes submerged reducing wrinkles.


This exclusive smart system detects the position of the clothes in the drum and redistributes it before the spin cycle, lowering vibration and noise levels.

High Performance Washing System (SLAE Drean)

Guarantees the maximum protection during the whole washing and spin process.

It consumes 70% less water.

It consumes 30% less power.

It shortens 40 minutes each washing cycle.

More efficiency in washing and caring for clothes.

A washing machine Advanced

Multifunction LSD Display

It shows in real time the program selected, temperature associated, spin speed, cycle advance in each washing step and remaining time.

Transilluminated Bidirectional Program Selector

By turning the selector in any sense, you can turn on the washer and select among the 23 available programs, making this process easier and faster.

Specific Washing Cycles

According to each garment and degree of dirtiness, you can choose specific programs to adjust time, washing speed, spin (RPM), amount of water and temperature.